Advans group

Avisto Eastern Europe is a proud member of the ADVANS Group, which stands for an independent, highly specialized group of complementary engineering companies. The Advans group was founded in the millennium year of 2000 by Mr. Radomir Jovanovic, electrical engineer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Led by a vision that only passion leads to excellence, Mr. Jovanovic has formed a group of companies that emphasize the importance of all stakeholders’ satisfaction. Consequently, the significant growth has been made and the group became one of the preferred service partners among the major industry players.


Care for the employees and strategic nurturing of their skills, career path and overall satisfaction were immediately recognized by the group’s clients as well as by potential employees. Nowadays, the Advans Group is proudly represented by more than eight hundred engineers on two continents, located in eleven design centers.



100 %




65 M



Advans Group is comprised of ELSYS Design, AVISTO and MECAGINE covering a wide range of expertise in electrical, software and mechanical engineering.


Moreover, ELSYS Design is specialized in embedded systems and ASIC design, with its subsidiaries ELSYS Eastern Europe and ELSYS America. AViSTO is specialized in software development, with its subsidiary AViSTO Eastern Europe, while MECAGINE is focused on the mechanics of structure and systems.


[animated_icons_with_text columns=”three_columns”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-keyboard-o” title=”EMBEDDED SYSTEMS” text=”Embedded software, Microelectronics, Electronic board”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-code” title=”SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT” text=”Programming, DevOps, Software Quality Assurance, Data”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-cogs” title=”MECHANICAL ENGINEERING” text=”Design, Calculation, Thermal simulation.”][/animated_icons_with_text]


In France, our design centers are in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon, Sophia Antipolis, Aix en Provence and Toulouse. In Serbia, they are in Belgrade and Novi Sad.
In the United States, we are located in the Silicon Valley.