Open Positions

Do you believe that passion leads to innovation and excellence in work?

In that case, you are more than welcome to apply for one of our open positions! All applications will be considered.

Here’s a good tip: We encourage you to investigate your future employer and gain a good insight into the Avisto Eastern Europe selection process, employees’ benefits and company culture before submitting the application.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you will have the exciting responsibility of overseeing the development and upkeep of an application utilized in the monitoring of systems within the Airline Industry. This fantastic job opportunity will allow you to collaborate with a talented team based in both Belgrade and Nice, following the SAFE methodology. Your expertise in Python, Angular, Docker, and Jenkins will be essential in ensuring the success of this project.





Python Software Developer

As a Python Developer you will be in charge of development of applications which will be used for SoC (System on Chip) development in semiconductor industry for major vendor. The position is a multifaceted role that includes directly developing application codebase. Main responsibilities are extensions and maintenance work to multiple IC design and verification tooling in TCL and Python.


Object-oriented design and Design patterns0%


Regression test0%


Analyze complex embedded firmware in order to maintain it, write tests and add new features. Solid knowledge of MCU architecture and basic peripherals. Full proficiency in C/C++ and software development flow.


Software development flow0%

Field buses & networking0%

Real time constrains0%

DevOps Engineer | CI/CD Engineer

Develop, review and modify CI/CD principles. Install and maintain CI/CD tools/platforms.
Analyze, develop and maintain pipeline configurations. Ability to interpret and write source code.
Automate processes.

CI/CD tools and methodologies0%

Scripting language(s) 0%

Container Concepts and Orchestration0%

Cloud technologies 0%


Specialist for PLC programming responsible for testing of industrial equipment and software. Main responsibilities are setting up and commissioning of test equipment in the Lab, preparing PLC programs with Visualization that is suitable for each test, executing existing automated test cases, planning and developing tests for new functionalities. Automation Testing Engineer’s job also includes analysis of test results, reporting bug and cooperation with developers.

IEC 6-1131 PLC programming languages 0%

Electrical equipment - installation/commissioning 0%

Communication protocols 0%

Scripting language 0%

On the other hand, if a suitable position in relation to your level of expertise is not on the list but you still feel you belong with Avisto, feel free to send us your curriculum vitae and a cover letter.