DevOps Engineer

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Design, deploy, manage, and optimize continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) platforms for our clients in various technical frameworks.
  • Develop solutions to supervise, automate, improve the performance and scalability of infrastructures.
  • Support the use of these platforms by ensuring good handling by developers and the use of best practices.
  • Propose and implement solutions to optimize the quality, development time and security of projects.
  • Conduct detailed monitoring of technical progress and innovations around the profession of DevOps and DevSecOps.
  • Collaborate with other teams specialized in embedded development and application development.
  • Mentor junior colleagues and encourage their growth and knowledge.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science or Higher Degree (Technical University) in Computer Science or related discipline
  • 2-4 years of hands-on experience with Linux/Unix administration and scripting (e.g., Bash, Python).
  • Hands-on experience with Docker, including proficient administration skills, image creation, and a strong understanding of best practices for optimizing image size and overall Docker container efficiency.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD tools/platforms and principles.
  • Experience with running production workloads (e.g. Monitoring, capacity planning, new service deployments, debugging).
  • Very good knowledge of spoken and written English.

Preferred skills and qualifications:

  • Experience with at least one of leading cloud vendors (Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform) is a bonus, including dedicated cloud certification.
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools (e.g. Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager) is a plus.
  • Experience with platforms for container orchestration is a plus (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • Experience with configuration management tools is a plus (e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet)


  • Integration program in a professional, young & dynamic team
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Competitive salaries & benefits
  • Compensation package includes also additional health insurance, sport & social activities
  • International work environment

You can find out more about our benefits here.

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