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Submit your application before 18th March 2024!

Make your first step toward a successful career with us! All candidates will be notified about their application status promptly, while the planned start is for the beginning of March. Good luck with the interviews!

Careers Made to Matter

As any expert will tell you – it’s that moment when you step out of your comfort zone that you really start learning. First step toward your successful career with us! But when your colleagues are some of the best engineers around, these challenges are easier to overcome, don’t you think? It’s as if you are preparing for an important exam, but you have a bunch of professor-grade students helping you out.

An internship at Avisto Eastern Europe comes with a mentorship program, lab practice, lectures and work on an internship project. It’s time to put the theory into practice at a place where your ideas and smarts matter.

Internship Process​

Avisto Eastern Europe selection process is designed to secure the best match in terms of company needs, expectations and career goals of future employees. We are not the right company for just any software engineer, however we are perfect – for some. Our goal is to be a perfect employer for our employees and provide them an environment suitable for both personal and professional growth. In order to back our words with actions – we dedicate time, energy and effort to truly understand the applicants’ career intentions and evaluate it in relation to the company requirements. Only together have we built Avisto Eastern Europe as a great company it is today.

1. Application

This is your first step, and an important one. We promise to consider all applicants, but you can make our work easy by carefully preparing your application.

2. Interview

You will be invited to demonstrate your technical knowledge and explain your thinking process.

3. Selection & invitation to join the program

If you qualify, you will be invited to take part in our internship program.

4. Boarding

Prepare your hand luggage and let us guide you through all the safety procedures.

5. Training

This is the core of our program, we put a lot of effort to train all our interns.

6. Work on the project

Under full supervision and with assistance and guidance by top experts.

7. Final work presentation

A detailed report of your internship will help us evaluate your potential as our future colleague.

8. Offer of employment for best interns

Selected candidates will receive a formal offer for employment.
Avisto Eastern Europe provides full training for its employees in Serbia or in France, depending on the area of work and the level of required expertise. Our selection process might seem complex, but luckily we do all the hard work – you just need to send us your application.

Internship Benefits

Office &

Health is priority number one; therefore, our program is running in respect to global situation and business practice recommendation of the given period.


You are in good hands. Every step of the way you will have full support from an experienced mentor. It’s a good thing to have someone who can answer your questions and guide you along the way.

No lock-in contract

We are looking for a true match among our interns. Someone that clicks with us, and we click with them perfectly. That’s why we don’t bind our interns with lock-in-contracts. It’s a true internship.


Combining your student life with internship can be challenging, but where there’s a will there’s a way. And the way is much easy since you can use a significant segment of your internship work in Avisto Eastern Europe for your gradudation or master thesis.


The knowledge and first hand experience you will get out of your internship is priceless. However, we will still provide you with additional financial support during your internship months.

Career Success Stories

Proud to share our colleagues success stories! Nevena, Nemanja and Marko present us their career development paths from university days to current engineering positions in Avisto Eastern Europe.

Life at Avisto Eastern Europe

What kind of people work in Avisto EE: are they young, are they boring, what’s the dress code? What do the offices look like? We give you behind-the-scenes look at our day-to-day work, a list of benefits, video reports and testimonials from some of our colleagues on our YouTube channel.

Looking forward to reviewing your application

All the luck in the selection process.