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Open Day

Reserve your spot for 21st Feb Open Day in Belgrade or 23rd Feb Open Day in NIŠ

Match with expertise

Discover which expertise is the best career match for you!

We want to provide you with all the necessary info about our projects and give you all the industry insights so you would decide on which expertise suits you the most.

Are you passionate about working on the controllers of large industrial plants or maybe you’re interested in developing applications? Discover your passion today!

The environment
is the vibe

Get to know us by immersing yourself in our culture. You would get to know the system and working methodologies in Avisto and most importantly sense our company’s vibe.


Core of our culture is mutual respect, passion for engineering, and knowledge sharing. We believe in vibe matching, that’s why is important to choose the company where you’ll feel great and valued.

Meet the mentors

Or your future working mom and dad. Jokes aside, during the Open Day you’ll get the chance to meet our amazing engineers that will be your support system during the internship.


Our experienced engineers will introduce you to the chosen field of engineering and give you all the prerequisites to build a successful career. They’re here to answer all the questions you might have and help you gain the skills and knowledge you need.

Use this opportunity to ask us everything you would like to know about the internship program of your interest. Feel free to analyze the program of available internships and prepare your questions, we would be happy to provide you with answers.
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Happy to see you soon!

Reserve your spot for 21st Feb Open Day in Belgrade or 23rd Feb Open Day in NIŠ