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Centralized Platform for Design Validation in the Semiconductor Industry

Ensuring centralized platform’s scalability, reliability, and ability to handle large datasets for digital validation of silicon IP and SoC in the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor industry requires rigorous validation processes to ensure the quality and functionality of silicon and SoC (System-on-Chip) designs. This case study presents the platform development, which provides a Web Interface that seamlessly connects the specification requirements with the verification plans meant to be executed during design validation. It incorporates various validation methodologies, including simulation, automated test equipment, and silicon validation, streamlining the overall validation workflow.

The primary objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Central and unified interfaces to gather product data.
  • Rest API to connect any feeding systems.
  • Easy monitoring of requirement coverage.
  • Simple Audit of requirements, IS026262 compliance.
  • Easy report generation and sharing.
  • Migration Path from the existing validation system to the next gen which leverages the advanced functionalities and improved performance offered by the new system. The project aims to ensure a smooth transition and seamless migration of existing data and processes.
  • Manual Import of Product Specifications from Excel Sheet: To enhance flexibility and ease of use, the platform allows users to manually import product specifications from Excel sheets. This feature enables quick and convenient data entry, reducing the manual effort required for specification input.
  • Integration with Ticketing System: The platform includes a link to submit requests directly to the ticketing system. This integration streamlines the issue tracking and resolution process, ensuring efficient collaboration between validation teams and support staff.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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