14 Centralized Platform_

IO Modules Enabling Device Connectivity and Control

Development and testing the new line of IO modules, 30+ Digital Input/Output AC/DC/Relay Modules

This client required full support and project empowerment in the areas of Hardware development, Firmware development, Firmware verification and System conformance testing, which have allowed us to deliver full range of our services and secure top-notch quality.


Technical requirements in this case consisted of hard real time (synchronous mode of operation), relatively limited memory and CPU resources, and multithreading and synchronization. Furthermore, hardware was based on Multicore ARM architecture (Cortex®-M7, Cortex®-M33), Proprietary HW solution for handling time critical signals and GPIO/SPI interface.

Firmware development included next activities:

  • Complete Front-End FW.
  • Direct communication to HW using SPI/GPIO interface.
  • Real-Time data acquisition.
  • Input Signal filtering.
  • Real-Time data actuation.
  • Diagnostics handling.
  • Communication with Head.
  • OPC-UA Data Model.
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous (pub-sub/explicit) mode of operation.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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