12 HW & SW Arc

HW & SW Co-Verification I 432% Validation speed up

Understanding how the test environment works is a precondition for the development of a fully automated testing environment that delivers excellence.

As a top-notch semiconductor provider of cutting-edge solutions that serves customers in automotive, aerospace, security, storage, networking, power and many other markets, our client was in high demand of a stable and trustworthy service partner.


Our client provides a wide range of trusted advanced storage solutions for storing and managing any kind of digital content and sensitive data. In communication with the client, we have identified several areas which required improvements, support, or empowerment to reach the desired process flow and pace by the clients’ specification. Specifically, the client encountered issues in area of:

  • process speed.
  • level of resources utilization.
  • product line validation and testing.

Scope of activities we have been working on:


  • Co-Verification of SATA/SAS controllers used in various devices from entertainment to high-end data centers.
  • High complexity HW & FW.
  • Continuous regression as even a small change in HW and/or FW could have a huge impact on other functionalities.
  • Use of existing and/or develop new test validation methods.
  • Usage of bug tracking and result reporting tools.


It was necessary to develop and maintain the test environment. Since a huge number of cases had to be tested, high level of automation was mandatory. To speed up the result processing, automated validators had to be developed as well.


Furthermore, it was mandatory to clearly specify and carefully plan the test to reach the highest level of coverage possible and have the best utilization of Protium and Palladium emulation platforms.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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