1 Cloud Native

Cloud Native Application based on microservice architecture and AWS serverless

Building enterprise applications often comes with downsides such as misuse of architectural design patterns, low maintainability, and almost impossible scalability of the applications.

In the last decade, microservices as architectural pattern for enterprise software have grown in popularity. We helped our client with planning and developing a complex system which relies on microservices architecture and is hosted completely in the cloud.

Our client started with an old legacy application which was hard to maintain, scale and develop new functionalities. Core of the business functionalities was developed, but they realized application cannot grow easily with the status. Application needed migration to modern technology stack and new blueprint for software platform architecture.


The main task was to detect core functionalities and propose software architecture and technology stack.


Steps taken:

  • determine core functionalities and organize them in groups by business domain.
  • determine the dependencies between groups and investigate possible ways of communication.
  • propose technology stack based on size application, communication between software components and available human resources and their expertise.
  • define MVP as a set of loosely coupled microservices running in a cloud.
  • determine technology stack based on architecture requirements: Java Spring Boot, MariaDB, Cassandra and AWS serverless technologies.
  • determine how application will be hosted and built.


Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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