5 HW & SW based

HW & SW based co-validation delivered by SW QA services

Design customer specific HW and SW to perform advanced QA. Incorporate Python application development, WEB development (React, Node.js), database, computer vision and HW design to deliver state-of-the-art test framework with approximately one-week execution time which runs on all major operating systems.

To meet some specific clients’ requirements, it was necessary to develop both test HW and SW. Since a huge number of DUTs must be tested in each test cycle, a high level of automation is needed. Due to the amount of data generated, efficient databases storage and test results visualization developed from scratch was required to meet clients’ needs. Also, HW and SW test environment as well as data must be accessible from multiple sites in different countries.

One of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world with a great history of designing and manufacturing integrated circuits. An innovative thinker and solution provider in numerous industries, with key focus on empowering the society of future. Client successfully delivers wide range of solutions from analog to embedded silicon chips making an impact in even technologies we encounter on daily basis.


Starting from the clients’ bare idea our primary goal was to thoroughly understand and transfer client’s ideas into a project requirement specification. Being dedicated to the quality of delivered products, our customer had two clear requirements:

  • Ensure the quality of the products.
  • Ensure compatibility within the product line.


Testing the complete microcontrollers product line debug stack. Debug stack is comprised of:

  • dll being part of the IDE, running on the host computer.
  • debugger FW.
  • microcontroller FW.


To test debug stack on all customer’s microcontrollers, a huge number of devices must be tested.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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