9 TI AM6548_

TI AM6548 Sitara based board BSP implementation

Avisto extensive experience in design of custom computer boards based on modern SoC solutions empowered with in-house collaboration of HW and FW design teams accelerates development and ensures high quality.

The client is one of the biggest industrial automation companies, an innovative thinker and all-around solution provider in manufacturing industries. Client successfully delivers wide range of industrial automation solutions from industrial controllers to machine programming software environment for quick development of complex processes.


Starting from the client’s functional requirements regarding hardware and firmware of the computer board we had to thoroughly assess requirements and specification for board support package (BSP) to provide efficient solution with maximum performance and minimal complexity.

Therefore, our development had to fulfill the following goals:

  • Provide reliable and efficient BSP for computer board and all the required interfaces/ functionalities.
  • Ensure the means of HW/ BSP verification of the computer board design.
  • Provide the means for quick and reliable testing of HW boards in production.


To reach previously defined goals, we have conducted next actions:

BSP area of work

  • Board Library Modification
  • Ethernet Driver Customization
  • NOR Flesh memory support
  • Bootloader and flashing tool adaptation


Hardware Verification and Testing

  • Design of application for Hardware and BSP verification
  • Application for testing in production

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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