Dive into new AVISTO Eastern Europe offices!

Welcome to our new and freshly renovated offices located in Airpot City, Omladinskih brigade 90e.

Belgrade, July 7th, 2023


Welcome to our new and freshly renovated offices located in Airpot City, Omladinskih brigade 90e. You can find AVISTO Eastern Europe now at the new office space in building 2300 and also at the restored and improved office in building 1500.


Due to the enormous growth of our company, especially in the last 10 years, from 30 to 200 engineers, we’re in need of a much bigger space. As the number of engineers grew so did our need for a custom-designed space that will perfectly suit our new demands.


We’ve always believed that our corporation culture and our engineers are a strong foundation and one of our main advantages in this constantly changing and highly competitive semiconductor industry. That’s why we wanted a highly functional space that provides optimal flexibility and will contribute to boosting the satisfaction of our engineers and their productivity.


One of our key strategies is to provide our engineers with an environment that inspires and gives them the opportunity to be successful, perfect their skills and gain knowledge in whatever domain their working at.


With the new design, we have created interconnected offices that allow perfect coordination and organization between the teams. In addition to the working space and conference rooms, our space includes additional facilities made for relaxation, such as a fitness room with installed showers, game rooms with ping pong and dart tables, and a specially designed relaxation space equipped with sofas and armchairs that are perfect for coffee breaks and chatting with fellow colleagues.


As they say, home is where your heart is and since we are all passionate about engineering our goal was to create a second home for our engineers. A space that allows them to learn, develop and have a healthy balance between work and private life.


Dive into the world of Avisto and check out our new offices. Hope you’re amazed as we are.



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