My Engineering Story: Luka, Industrial Automation Engineer

As Mick Jagger said, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you get what you need."

Belgrade, February 10th, 2023


From a young age, I remember being fascinated by robots. I was watching some of my favorite TV shows with giant mechanical beasts shooting lasers at each other. It made me ask questions like how they are made, what I would see and learn if I opened one, and how to get one. I kept bothering my parents about it, and then they told me if I wanted to get one, I had to become an excellent engineer and build it myself. Somehow those words stuck with me back then, and I decided to chase this dream. 💫


In high school, I was still focusing on mathematics, but other things also started to gain my interest. I was taking after-school classes on drawing and art, and one of my main hobbies was cooking. I wanted to take cooking school, but that would mean abandoning my real goal and betraying my younger self. Finally, I listened to the child inside me and enrolled in Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Belgrade. 🚀


Eventually, I nearly finished my third year, and I needed to decide what master’s studies to choose. It was scary because I knew it would be my career path in the future. That same year, a friend asked me to join him at the job fair at the Electrical Engineering Faculty. That was when I first encountered Avisto and Elsys. After that, I decided for sure that I wanted to become an Automation Engineer.


As soon as I finished my last exam, I started my internship at Avisto as an Automation Engineer. During the three months of the internship period, I learned a lot. My first project was with my extraordinary colleagues in a hardworking team. 🎯


I made so many good friends. I have an opportunity to talk with top-notch engineers across the world and work with them. So far, I have worked with many PLCs and modules, I have tested a lot of features and communication protocols, and with each new task, I learn something new.🎊


Now that I think back who knows where I would end up if I hadn’t gone to that job fair that day? Now that I have been working here in Avisto for around a year I know I made the right choice and I owe a lot to those engineers from back then that shaped my future in the way that is now.


Sometimes in life, it’s very difficult to decide what you want and what path to choose. Do you want to become a professional chef and work at the world’s best restaurants, or maybe pursue a career in science and become a world-renowned scientist? Very often young adults decide to follow unreachable dreams and quickly get discouraged after the first hardship they encounter. My advice is to keep fighting and working hard because it will be rewarded in the end. Don’t be afraid to get influenced by more experienced people around you and don’t be afraid to look at the world from their eyes. Even if you sometimes feel lost and don’t know what you want. As Mick Jagger said, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well,  you get what you need.”


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