Happiness and Passion for Engineering: AVISTO Eastern Europe, Annual Seminar 2021 Fruška Gora

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the Advance Group!

Belgrade, September 10th, 2021


This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the Advance Group. Being sister companies, Avisto Eastern Europe, and Elsys Eastern Europe, we decided to hold our annual conference and celebrate the anniversary in the best way possible given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As we roll back into more in-person meetings, and conferences, we decided that the best way to plan this annual seminar, was to do it live at one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia, Fruska Gora.


While safety is our top priority, so is the need for building relationships with our newcomers and maintaining relationships with our old colleagues. We believe that team-building exercises are the core foundation of having a healthy climate in the organization and fantastic company culture. They’re proven to be a great tool for boosting the energy of the workforce and building trust between colleagues as well.


On the first day of our annual conference, our Top Management had the opportunity to talk more about the overall performance of the companies and their success in the past year.


Since at Avisto and Elsys, we’re all lovers of good old-fashioned team-building competitions, that’s why we’ve organized some amazing workshops for the second day of our conference. All the workshops were inspired by the Roman Empire, which means that our teams needed to build a two-wheeler and a catapult from scratch. Let me tell you, the task wasn’t easy at all, but with joint forces and with great teamwork, passion, and creativity, both companies were able to finish their tasks successfully.


We believe that all the elements such as problem-solving, overcoming difficult challenges, and winning competitions were keys to having a successful workshop and most importantly a positive overall experience. That’s why the memories we’ve created together will last forever.


As much as we’re passionate about engineering, we’re also passionate about having fun and an amazing time with our colleagues.


You can have a glimpse of what our annual seminar on Fruska Gora looked like in our video. Hopefully, next year you will join us live.



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