6 HW Verification

HW Verification of the controller boards

The client is Fortune Global 500 company with more than 135.000 employees worldwide. An innovative thinker and solution providing energy and automation digital solutions by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services.

To meet some specific clients’ requirements, it was necessary to develop both test Hardware and Software. Since a huge number of tests must be executed in each test cycle, high level of automation is needed. Due to the amount of data generated, efficient databases storage and test results visualization developed from scratch was required to meet clients’ needs. Also, HW and SW test environment as well as data must be accessible from multiple sites in different countries.

Client performed verification process manually. This was time consumption when they should repeat tests. Development of automated test system brings many benefits like reliability, repeatability and speed up of the process. Also, the client had generated test reports manually and besides time consumption this process was prone to errors. Development of automated test report generation tool brings speed in HW verification process. Solutions included:

  • Test PCB Development – Development PCBs and electronic equipment necessary for DUT connection.
  • HW Verification Environment Setup – Connecting Instruments and necessary electronic equipment (thermal chamber), developing drivers.
  • Test framework development – Automated test system able to execute tests, control instruments and acquire measurement results.
  • Test development – Instrument control, data acquisition, data storage and analysis.
  • Test execution – Instrument control, data acquisition, data storage and analysis.
  • Test report generation – Data analysis and test report generation.

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