11 Polyglot

Polyglot programming

Always understand the big picture first, perform requirement analysis, perform feasibility study, plan the basic project approach, and create a blueprint of the software architecture.

One of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world with a great history of designing and manufacturing integrated circuits. An innovative thinker and solution provider in numerous industries, with key focus on empowering the society of future. Client successfully delivers wide range of solutions from analog to embedded silicon chips making an impact in technologies we encounter on daily basis.


The client’s end goal is to develop a new desktop application from scratch based on the best functionalities of the two legacy applications which was not maintained for a while. One legacy application was web based and the other one was desktop application. The application will be used by hundreds of client’s engineers on daily basis and will improve client’s productivity by saving hours of work for each engineer.

First task was to pick the most essential set of functionalities with highest added values for the proof of the concept and propose software architecture and technology stack: Steps taken:

  • determined the most essential set of functionalities with highest added values and organized them by priorities.
  • proposed technology stack based on customer’s environment, communication between software components and available human resources and their expertise.


Technology stack:

  • IDEs: PyCharm Professional (Cython integration, remote development)
  • SCM: SVN, Bugzilla (to be replaced with Jira and Bitbucket)
  • GUI Framework: PyQt
  • Languages: Python, Cython, C, bash, CSS, skill, Perl
  • Methodologies: AGILE

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.