7 Semiconductors

Semiconductors SoC/ IP Test Data Processing Platform

One-stop-shop for aggregating and visualizing test results from multiple test-data sources!

Complete SW solution development, based on client’s functional specification and requirements, in iterative agile process, using modern cutting-edge technologies. Decision-making support, based on our technical expertise.

Avisto Eastern Europe App SW team successfully delivered a complete solution as specified, reaching MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the most optimal time frame, by choosing the most suitable platform for the product, and developing n-tier SW, starting from engineering data model, back-end, and front-end tiers, ending up with UX/UI design.

Our client is a global leader in semiconductor industry, including, but not limited to automotive, mobile, consumer electrics, smart home, smart city and communication infrastructure.


Producing tens of thousands of generic, multi-purpose components, with two-figure multiplier for conducted tests, the client needed centralized platform to manage all this data. We were faced with number of emerging problems to be solved:

  • Expected search efficiency was very low,
  • How to visualize aggregated data in a usable manner,
  • How to compare multiple test passes efficiently,
  • Specification and test limit ranges need to be customizable by the user.


Kick-off meetings with the client provided us with a solid foundation and valuable insight to establish specific goals to be reached during our collaboration:

  1. Highly efficient test results aggregation system,
  2. Centralized platform for multiple-source data management with high searchability of data and lowest possible resources cost,
  3. User-friendly, easy access and search of pre-calculated test results


Highly efficient hardware intensive aggregation of test results was accomplished by creation of multi process parallel data funnels of large raw data sets. Simultaneously, enabling us to conduct result recalculation in a timely manner (500ms – 2000ms) after each user-initialized limit or condition (temperature, voltage) modification.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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