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Servo Drives Firmware Verification

90% of tests are automatically executed, over 30 verification test runs completed, and more than 40 industrial devices integrated. Unleashed team power of embedded and industrial automation engineers!

Our client is a multinational company which provides software, hardware, and services in the field of industrial automation. They are one of the leaders in this field. Besides industrial automation, they also address home and building automation, data centers and infrastructure.


The client has a three-week-long sprints. In each sprint, one firmware version is built. Due to manual testing the client was spending a lot of time on verification of each version. Consequently, a lot of functionalities were not covered.

Our primary goal was to conduct Firmware Verification and to do so, we have proposed:

  • to build a test system (hardware part),
  • to automate tests (mostly regression tests), and
  • to develop new tests for new functionalities.


During the three years of our cooperation, we have been in charge of ensuring quality for one of the customer’s main products – servo drives. We built one huge test rack with dozens of motors and servo drives. Project highlights:

  • Complete hardware for testing (mechanical and electrical part) was designed by AVISTO Eastern Europe and it was manufactured locally.
  • Mechanical design was done in Autodesk Inventor Professional.
  • Electrical design was done in EPLAN P8.
  • Test rack is modular and moveable.


Process flow:

  • Testing framework is located inside customer’s application, which is dedicated for PLC programming.
  • All tests are written in Structured Text (ST) which is one of the five languages supported by the IEC 61131-3 standard, designed for PLCs. Tests are running automatically after new FW versions are built.
  • Automatic running is done by using Jenkins as an automation server, with the help of Python scripting and SVN as a versioning system.
  • FW update on the drives is done by TestComplete, an automated UI testing tool. After each run, HTML test reports with clear results are automatically sent to desired email addresses.

Access full case study and results we achieved on this project by downloading the material. Thank you.


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